Online Property Valuations – BEWARE

Not everything is what it seems!

The internet has become a major source of information and for communication, as well as a utility for trading goods and services. Many of us would find ourselves lost without online access albeit to source information, communicate with our social networks, entertain ourselves, pay our bills or catch up with daily news.

We put so much trust into what we uncover online, particularly so if you are a Gen X (age 38 – 53), Gen Y (Millenial: age 22 – 37) and a Gen Z (age 7 – 21), but can we trust everything we read and see on the net? Continue reading “Online Property Valuations – BEWARE”

Schools matter when buying/selling property in December/January

The end of one schooling year and the start of the next school year is a very important consideration for parents if they are relocating from one home to another, particularly so if their move also requires a change of school. This is also a good reason why sellers who live within close proximity to major schooling belts should consider this period as ideal time to sell and appeal to these buyers. Continue reading “Schools matter when buying/selling property in December/January”

When should I upgrade?

When is the right time to upgrade your residence?

Other than “What is my property worth?” there are many questions that home owners, or prospective home owners, will ask a real estate agent, some of those most often asked are:

·         When should I buy?

·         When should I sell?

·         How should I sell?

·         What should I do to my property to achieve a better price?

The answer to these questions can be very subjective and not straight forward as the right answer often depends on the underlying objectives of the person seeking advice. This requires answering the question with another question and delve a little deeper to uncover more information.

One question which I have been asked many times is “When is the right time to upgrade?” Continue reading “When should I upgrade?”

Isle of Capri Rising in Value

Isle of Capri is a large island located on the Nerang River in the heart of the central Gold Coast and is accessed via bridges on either side – from Bundall in the west and Surfers Paradise in the east.

The island accommodates low density living with no high-rise development. It is a prestigious island that features riverfront, canalfront and ‘dry block’ housing where you will find some of the most exclusive and expensive homes on the Gold Coast.

Continue reading “Isle of Capri Rising in Value”