The end of one schooling year and the start of the next school year is a very important consideration for parents if they are relocating from one home to another, particularly so if their move also requires a change of school. This is also a good reason why sellers who live within close proximity to major schooling belts should consider this period as ideal time to sell and appeal to these buyers.

Whether the move be for a lifestyle change, a relocation of employment or business, resizing up or down from an existing residence or moving to a different school, many parents will choose to buy and sell in the period between December and January once school has ended and before the next year starts again. This is to ensure students are not disadvantaged or distracted by the relocation and the change of environment and friends from one school to another.

The Gold Coast is expected to gain 133,800 people from 2011 to 2021. Much of this growth is sure to come from families relocating here from interstate. At a very recent auction of an acreage property in Elanora 5 of the 8 registered buyers were from out of town and 4 of those buyers were family people with young children – 1 family was from Brisbane, 2 families from Sydney and 1 family from Canberra. Of course, an acreage property is an ideal property for a growing family however another consideration for these buyers is close proximity to the schools they wanted their children to attend as well as convenience to shopping and recreation facilities, sporting fields and beaches.

Selling your home
Property owners who live in school catchment areas and who are considering selling their properties should consider this time of year as the perfect time to appeal to all family buyers, whether they are local buyers or whether they are relocating here from out of town. In theory, selling in early December and settling the sale 45-50 days later in mid to late January will meet the objective of the family buyers.

Buying your new home
With many parents, one very important consideration when researching the most suitable school/s for your children is access. Will they walk, ride or catch transport to and from school? Nowadays many parents are driving their children to and from school so it might be prudent to do a practice school run during drop-off and pick-up times and determine the best route to and from school well before you settle into your new home.

Today it is so much easier to research schools with information easily accessed on the internet but this is only the start of getting your children into school. Parents will want to interview the schools and some of the schools will want to interview the parents and assess the children. This process can take some time.

A great place to start your research is Schools Guide – an Australian Private School directory since 1999. The Schools Guide list for the Gold Coast contains information on 52 private schools.

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