John Natoli


“It’s the combination of local knowledge
and high end marketing that creates
my greatest success stories …”


after all… you don’t get a  second chance
to make 
a first impression

Having commenced his career in 1993, with many record breaking sales and numerous company and industry awards, John Natoli has a broad and
successful real estate career to his name and is widely respected as
one of the Gold Coast’s foremost authorities on prestige property sales.

Success by Design

Where the sun shines 245 days each year


The Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is a city coming of age. Strategically located on the edge of the Asia-Pacific rim, with access to two international airports, the Gold Coast is perfectly positioned as a destination for business, investment, study, sport, events, tourism and lifestyle
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Surfers Paradise New Year
Surfers Paradise New Year’s Eve 2015


The hindsight of delighted sellers …

“During the last 12 months John has worked in a professional capacity for me
and I have been able to enjoy John first hand his professionalism and service”
                                                                                                                                                         Tony Hickey

“I believe it was your attitude towards your work and your professionalism
that contributed greatly to the sale of ‘Isabella’….”
                                                                                                                                                     Maggi Eckardt


Beautiful one day, perfect the next …

The Gold Coast averages 245 days of fine and sunny weather each year and has an average rainfall of about 1400mm annually, the majority of which falls in the summer period (December – February). Daytime temperatures on the coast are generally in the mid 20°C range
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